Reconstructing Melodies

Using a set of pre-programmed tuneblocks, click and drag the blocks into the Playroom, putting them in order so as to reconstruct a whole tune...

How to lessons...



Create your own tune from preprogrammed blocks or by creating your own new blocks...

Everybody knows how to make sense of the music all around them.  But what do you know when you know how to do that? Tuneblocks players will discover some answers as they work with this specially designed, interactive music program.

Tuneblocks are basic melodic structures that are more often called motifs or melodic figures. When we are listening to a tune, it's these tuneblocks that we intuitively follow.   We have programmed these figures into music puzzle pieces --your intuitive units of perception become your units of work.

Just as putting together a jigsaw puzzle will make a whole picture,  putting  tuneblocks together will make and play a whole tune,   But there is an important difference:  Unlike jigsaw pieces, tuneblocks are always on the move,  continuously going along as we follow them from one arrival and departure to the next. Playing tuneblocks can be a kind of constructive analysis helping players build on their already powerful musical intuitions while discovering how music works.

Create Your Own Tunes