Everybody knows how to make sense of the music all around them. But what do you know when you know how to do that?

Tuneblocks players will discover some answers as they work with this specially designed, interactive music program.



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You can play all four people "singing" Row Row Row Your Boat.  You just have to click on the next icon when each person should come in.  Lots more Rounds to play, too. Each voice can play in a different instrument...

Mac version of Tuneblocks exhibit at the San Francisco Exploratorium in 1995!


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In order to run Java application, unzip the downloaded file, open the resulting App folder and right-click or control-click the Imp.jar file and select "Open With" from the pop-up menu.  Then select 'Jar Launcher.app to continue

​"I am studying your book 'Developing Musical Intuitions' and felt compelled to write and thank you for such an incredible work of art. Every page encourages creativity. I bought your iPad app Tuneblocks and can see how beautifully your text and the App work together to help students comprehend musical structure and so much more – you’re providing opportunities for them to be equipped with the skills they need to understand the nature of music to be able to then make their own music.” - Andrea Calilhanna, Australia

A Must Have   
This is a great app for kids to explore how music works and to eventually create new tunes. At first it's a musical puzzle game that will keep kids entertained for hours. With further exploration they can go inside the blocks, change them and create new music. - App Store by grg07

Announcing our Interactive Educational Music iOS apps for Kids and Adults alike to Learn, Listen, Play, Make, Explore and Share Music in a Fun, Intuitive and Easy way!

Created by MIT Professor Jeanne S. Bamberger after years of teaching at all levels.

Check out the original version featured at the San Francisco Exploratorium...