There are some interesting things to notice about your built tune.

Like most familiar tunes, this one includes several structural levels, each lower level nesting within the next higher one. The   given tuneblocks make up the lowest level.  These motives or "figures" at the bottom of the structural tree are the smallest structural elements. They group together to form larger, mid-level structural elements (phrases) labeled "a" and "b.”  At  this level the whole structure  of Austrian can be described as  a a b a.   Phrases group together to form "sections" labeled A and B.   At  this level, Austrian would be described as having simply two parts, A & B.   Listen to Austrian again following the structural tree  diagram.

7.  When you have finished FP, continue on in the same way to build SP.

8.  When you are happy with your reconstruction, listen to Austrian once more and check it with the tune you have built.

9. If in doubt, you can test your reconstruction by opening up Austrian:  Tap the Austrian block twice. This will open a new window that will show the block contents of Austrian.

6.  Click and listen for the next block in the tune and drag it into the Playroom.

2. Scroll down in the directory until Austrian is in the grey area and click OK.

This will put the Austrian tuneblocks in your workspace.   

Continue on building up FP.  You may listen to FP as often as you like. To listen to your tune in the Playroom as you are building it, press
the play button (see arrow)

You may also:

  • Delete a block from the Playroom by tapping it and clicking the X.
  • Insert a new block or move blocks around to new places in the row.
  • Need to use the same blocks more than once in building the tune.
  • Click on any starting block, then on its green arrow to hear all the blocks that come next. 

3. With the Austrian blocks in your workspace, click the block marked AUSTRIAN and listen closely  to the whole tune.

4. Click and listen to each of the colored blocks These are Austrian’s tuneblocks-- the building blocks for reconstructing  the whole tune.

5. Click FP ( First Part) and listen carefully to the beginning part of the tune..  Find the tuneblock that matches the start of FP and drag it into the Playroom.


Using a set of pre-programmed tuneblocks, click and drag the blocks into the Playroom, putting them in order so as to reconstruct a whole tune.
To get acquainted with reconstructing melodies with tuneblocks, work through the following example using the  tune called, "Austrian”—an Austrian folk song.


1. Launch Tuneblocks from the iPad  screen.  Click on the directory icon at the left of the screen.

Can you shift your attention from one level to another--that  is, from detail to larger design and back?   This ability to shift your focus among levels as well as among the different  dimensions of music will become increasingly important as you listen to longer, more complex pieces.

Other tunes  in the directory available for reconstruction: